Takumi’s solo project

Takumi, one of my 12th grade Digital Moviemaking students surprised me earlier this year when he handed in an individual project. It surprised me because Takumi is the quiet I-rather-work-on-my-own type of student. He is sweet and always willing to work with other students when asked, but if it is up to him he’d rather work on his own when creating his projects.

Day after day he would come into my classroom and grab a camera and walk to the third floor of our building to shoot. I had no clue what he was shooting and every now and again I would take a peek at his screen while he was editing to ensure he was indeed working on an interesting project. As usual, he did not say much about his project beyond what he had already provided in a written description.

In the end he handed in the following, well-made, short video. I hope you enjoy.


Rosie’s Short Animation

Rosie is one of my grade 12th Digital Moviemaking students. She is highly creative and forward thinking. For one of her projects she wanted to do an animation sequence, so I introduced her to the open-source software program Pencil installed in one of the iMacs in the computer lab. She took to it in less than 5 minutes. Together with a Wacom tablet, she produced the following short animation in less than three weeks. Enjoy!


Paula’s The othe side of the glass video

This is Paula’s video. She is one of my grade 12 Digital Moviemaking students. She set out to make a piece about the possibilities and chance of life. One may end up being on top of the world or struggling to make it day-by-day. Her video was created with the help of two other students in the class.

I am greatful for students like Paula, and quite frankly for all students I’ve worked with thus far. She is highly organized, articulate, and eager to learn more. Right after I asked all of them to put together a project she came to me with her idea, and shortly after she showed up with set/location photos for her shoot. She’s beyond organized and detail-oriented.

I hope you like this piece as much as I have enjoyed watching it multiple times already.


Student Perspective of Barcelona by Jackson

This is a video created by one of my Digital Moviemaking students last year while he was in 11th grade. He took off a few afternoons and took a ton of video in all sorts of places. Being a perfectionist he always had to go out one more time to get that missing pieces. It was a joy to see this project come together. I use to share out to incoming faculty to give them a sense of what Barcelona is like. They all love it!