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UND Interview ….way back!

So there I am, walking around the University of North Dakota campus in spring of 2009. I was there to attend a filmmaking camp. It was fantastic! It got even better when the local news sent their crew over to interview me.

Let me tell you about the hair….

When I was offered the position at the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona, Spain, in 2008 I agreed on two conditions; that I not have to wear a tie everyday, and that I not cut my hair for a whole year. This is the tail end of that first year, and you can see what my hair looks like when I don’t cut for too long.



Kubrick’s The Shining – Fenomenal Review/Breakdown

I love Kubrick movies; they are complex, detailed, deep! Though they come off as slow paced yet meticulous works to some, when watched more than once, and taking into account the social global context within which he created his movies, Kibrick’s movies are incredible!

So, here is one great breakdown of his movie I’ve stumbled upon today: