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About Life

Getting to the Left coast

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On June 27th Ana and I arrived at our final destination of a five-day trip across the U.S. We started in South Hempstead, NY, and headed to El Segundo, CA. Why El Segundo? Well, it just so happens I just got a job here.

To backtrack a bit, let me just share that Ana and I were staying with friends in Manhattan, NY – in the West Village. We were with them for a bit more than a month. We stayed in the city during the week and took a train out to Long Island on weekends to be with my family. All this time I was trying to land a job. (more…)

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Finally, my e-CV

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For some time now I’ve contemplated creating a video-resume to post online such that it could serve as my e-cover letter when searching for a new post. FINALLY! It’s online.


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UND Interview ….way back!

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So there I am, walking around the University of North Dakota campus in spring of 2009. I was there to attend a filmmaking camp. It was fantastic! It got even better when the local news sent their crew over to interview me.

Let me tell you about the hair….

When I was offered the position at the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona, Spain, in 2008 I agreed on two conditions; that I not have to wear a tie everyday, and that I not cut my hair for a whole year. This is the tail end of that first year, and you can see what my hair looks like when I don’t cut for too long.