“Digital” is finally dying


For a while now terms/titles such as “21st Century Learning”, “Digital” this, “New Century” that, and others have really tugged at me. Every time I hear/read these tittles it reinforces my view that education is a decade behind when it comes to recognizing and accepting the reality in which our students’ lives unfold. We are way past the “new century”, and things digital are, well…most things our students come in contact with during a normal day – starting with that smartphone in their hands. Our students swim in this [digital] world every waking moment of their lives, so why do we have to separate technology/digital out of education every time we speak about what is happening in the classroom?

I just finished reading John Mikton’s The Death of “Digital” and it goes right to the heart of what I have been trying to contextualize for a long time. I do believe the word “digital” should be taken out of the conversation, and that we should refer to hardware as appliances.

Language is powerful, and it will serve to get me closer or to separate me from the learning in a classroom.

Give it a read and tell me what you think.