Takumi’s solo project

Takumi, one of my 12th grade Digital Moviemaking students surprised me earlier this year when he handed in an individual project. It surprised me because Takumi is the quiet I-rather-work-on-my-own type of student. He is sweet and always willing to work with other students when asked, but if it is up to him he’d rather work on his own when creating his projects.

Day after day he would come into my classroom and grab a camera and walk to the third floor of our building to shoot. I had no clue what he was shooting and every now and again I would take a peek at his screen while he was editing to ensure he was indeed working on an interesting project. As usual, he did not say much about his project beyond what he had already provided in a written description.

In the end he handed in the following, well-made, short video. I hope you enjoy.