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TEDxNYED – Dan Meyer

TEDxNYED – Dan Meyer – 03/06/10 – YouTube.

To this day I still cringe whenever I remember myself in math class at any grade level. Sure, I cringe with memories of almost all of my classes, but math, ufff.

Dan’s talk makes me want to be in a math classroom like his! Truly!

I love this video for its simplicity, and for how able it is at showcasing a different approach to the common text-book approach to teaching young minds.


Video study-group — mmmm

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I never thought of this before, but creating a support structure for faculty to review their practice in an informal “safe” and nurturing space is a great thing to think about. Usually schools are interested in output, professionalism and practice; the teacher is observed, accounted for by HR and evaluated against class scores and the like.

This practice would give the teacher to interpret their own performance and a group of peers to offer support and a space to celebrate what is good about their individual practice. Worth thinking about when creating an institutional PD program.