Marry your Academic Director / Curriculum Director

Yesterday’s post was about the importance of getting to know your school when you first come as a tech dir and everyone is coming at you with requests for either the present year or the year to come. Everyone wants something!

Today’s post is about making an impact on the school culture via academics. In order for technology – and your position salary, by extension – to be a worthwhile investment at a school, it must enrich teaching and learning at the core. Shiny toys hanging from the ceiling, in kids’ hands, or on teachers’ desks is not enough when these are not embedded in the lives of those using them. These must be easy-to-use, value-adding tools of the teaching trade. In order for pedagogy at your school to be enriched by any technology tools or practices you’re trying to introduce you must be seeing eye-to-eye with your curriculum director. This is imperative. You, as a techie, are seen as a techie when you enter a classroom, BUT, when entering hand-in-hand with your curriculum leader, faculty will listen. Change is hard, and the more help you can get before introducing something new, the better.

Over time, I believe, a tech director can become a driver in the pedagogical life of a school as well. Initially, however, the curriculum dir marriage is a must!