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Out of Rhythm

I’ve been out of the classroom for the better part of 4 months now. Having made the decision to participate in a new project in Mexico City, I am now building a new company alongside several experienced people in the field of micro finance. Still, I miss being in a school environment.

It’s interesting how one can get used the dynamic rhythm of school life. Every day is full of the unknown, and full of potential.

I’ve operated in the senior admin teams of various schools throughout the past 12+ years. And every year has been totally unique. From entering a campus when it is totally void of any human presence due to summer break, to going right into a MUN assembly full of visitors, families, students visiting from other countries to political dignitaries waiting to take the stand to speak to the audience; an independent international school is truly an incredible place to live/work.

So now that I find myself trotting around the poorest rural towns around Mexico City, I often wonder how these two worlds can be connected. Already many schools participate in social programs such as Habitat for Humanity and other similar programs, but I feel there is a huge disconnect with the world most independent international school students (and the majority of faculty) come from and the world I am being exposed to now. I wonder how this can be turned into a learning opportunity for students.

Just a thought.

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  • Bonita reflexión, Roberto! Deberíamos encontrar la manera de hacer mucho más conscientes a nuestros niños/jóvenes de esa otra realidad… Y creo que lo más importante es conseguir que esa conciencia “permanezca”. Muchos se sienten “tocados” cuando participan en algunos de los buenos proyectos de los que hablas; pero lo que no sé es durante cuánto tiempo dura su implicación. Nuestra forma de vida les lleva demasiado pronto al olvido, “urgencias” de otra índole les ocupan… ¿Cómo hacemos para mostrarles esa otra cara de la moneda y conseguir que la tengan presente mucho más a menudo?


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