If you had the opportunity: iPads or laptops for faculty?

I’ve been asked to make long-term assumptions that will affect how our community goes into the last phase of finally rolling out a 1:1 program at our school. For various reasons we are committed to going forward with this initiative. For year1 we need to mobilize our faculty since currently all are tethered to a classroom PC. So….since we are strongly considering that students will have an iPad instead of a laptop in Middle and High School, I am wondering if it does not make sense to equip faculty with the same gear. Sure, it will tick many teachers since it means learning a whole new way of working, but the argument that it is not possible to do all the work in an iPad now-a-days stands less of a chance to totally hold back such an initiative. Computer monitors would be readily available in classrooms for those needing more screen space, and w/less keyboards would be available for those who wish to still type on a traditional keyboard. Also, using our GoogleApps system we would have the same basic text editing capabilities as those we are used to having now. We have other cloud-based solutions already available for e-text-books, video streaming, test taking/grading, printing, graphics creation/manipulation, music editing, etc….but I am still not 100% sure.

More later as the plan comes together….