About Life

Philosophy of Life

am human. I savor, I feel, I strive, and am able to time mistakes perfectly such that I learn more and more every time a new one occurs.

I encourage my students and teammates to; be proud of their work, be fearless when trying out new things and to milk every last drop of the knowledge of those around them. To observe. To dig deep and to be honest with themselves.

When dealing with other humans, these traits draw me; positive thinkers, knowledge seekers, interested in learning things which at first may seem out-of-the-norm, energetic, and those able to laugh at themselves.

My specialties: Gate opener – students and teammates find an abundance of opportunities and abilities they never new they had when they are around me. Hiring and putting great teams together. Organizational strategist.

I am always interested in learning something new, something unorthodox…something!