Marry your Curriculum Director / Head of Studies

All too often school Technology Directors send out a message or request a meeting with faculty and the immediate reaction is that s/he will dish out techie-stuff and thus if it is a volunteer&nbsp;training&nbsp;opportunity&nbsp;or an email detailing tips for classroom integration of any type it goes unnoticed or ends up in the trash bin. To get around this I discovered early on that my best bet to have my initiatives included in overall integration efforts of a school was to deliver the message via the acting Curriculum Director (or Head of Studies as you may have it in your school). Acting through the Head of School also does the trick. The detail is not so much in the message, but <i>who</i> delivers that message for you. This approach also bypasses your ego or yearning for credit, but if you can deal with that then you are assured a more attentive audience and perhaps more participation when the time comes to implement you idea(s).