Maxim 11 – Resources are finite, use them well!


I’ve seen it, and I’m sure you’ve seen it, too. Two people arguing over what will eventually turn out to be nothing of importance. Which car goes faster, who really won the game, what color goes best with those shoes, etc, etc… I’ve been in those very silly arguments myself. And I ask myself “why?”. Read the rest of this entry

Getting to the Left coast

On June 27th Ana and I arrived at our final destination of a five-day trip across the U.S. We started in South Hempstead, NY, and headed to El Segundo, CA. Why El Segundo? Well, it just so happens I just got a job here.

To backtrack a bit, let me just share that Ana and I were staying with friends in Manhattan, NY – in the West Village. We were with them for a bit more than a month. We stayed in the city during the week and took a train out to Long Island on weekends to be with my family. All this time I was trying to land a job. Read the rest of this entry

Finally, my e-CV

For some time now I’ve contemplated creating a video-resume to post online such that it could serve as my e-cover letter when searching for a new post. FINALLY! It’s online.


Eurpean Council – Cinelmotion Feature

Born out of the European Council, Cinelmotion aims to enrich classroom learning by using film as another resource in the craft of teaching.

Cinelmotion featured the Digital Cinema Production class I taught while at the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona, Spain.


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