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How overcomplicated matters get so

There is such a thing as over-engineering a solution to a simple problem. When it comes to American/independent schools’ technology infrastructure, this most often comes from entrenched IT departments. As a result, faculty are frustrated, IT budgets get fatter every year, and – most importantly – students end up on the losing end.

First, a bit of history

As technology has advanced exponentially over the past 30-odd years, PreK-12 education has consistently trailed developments in corporate environments by about a decade. There are various drivers for this, and some are: Read the rest of this entry

Planning for the 2014-15 2015-16 Academic Years

In my last post I explained a bit of the situation I am in now….today, I want to share with you a bit of the vision going forward.

First off, you must know that I am biased towards lowering the hardware overhead in-house. I am not a control freak, so having a four-server-Exchange farm to administer is not something that gets me excited. Playing with new toys for the sake of playing with them is not something I engage in often (if there is classroom promise, I’ll give it a shot, of course). What I look for when planning for the future is implementing solutions that will keep the budget numbers within control, be the easiest for end-users to utilize, and most importantly, make sense in the classroom. If it will cost more to manage, upgrade, and maintain for the next three years than it did when purchased I usually shy away from it – whatever it is. Read the rest of this entry

A new approach to VDI and a cloud-born infrastructure


This is for all the techies out there…

A quick update on my new job thus far.

In July of 2013 I started working as the tech dir in at Vistamar School, a small independent high school in Southern California. The school has 260 students, 40+ faculty and about 20 staff. There are 21 classrooms, a gym, and the usual science labs, open spaces and offices. On the IT front, there is a computer lab with 18 Win PC’s, and a mix of Windows PC’s, iMacs, MacBooks and newly-added Chromebooks floating about throughout campus. Wifi is available all over. All classrooms, office and shared spaces have IP phones installed. Read the rest of this entry

Getting to the Left coast

On June 27th Ana and I arrived at our final destination of a five-day trip across the U.S. We started in South Hempstead, NY, and headed to El Segundo, CA. Why El Segundo? Well, it just so happens I just got a job here.

To backtrack a bit, let me just share that Ana and I were staying with friends in Manhattan, NY – in the West Village. We were with them for a bit more than a month. We stayed in the city during the week and took a train out to Long Island on weekends to be with my family. All this time I was trying to land a job. Read the rest of this entry


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