Learning, sharing … learning!

For more than sixteen years I have created/led numerous teams in the design of tech-edu integration initiatives; established 1:1 laptop/tablet programs; created faculty professional development programs; designed and deployed network platforms (campus/cloud/hybrid); created teams in charge of providing organization-wide technical support; established day-to-day server and network administration; and led ERP integration initiatives in academic institutions, foundations, and an array of corporations in the US, Latin America, South Africa and Europe. Prior to working internationally, I was a partner at an IT consulting firm in New York City.

Featured posts:

PodcastFront #17 Subversive Tactics …ahem, Strategies








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nametag-new-guyNew administrators? Get this under control before you continue!

PodcastFront #15 Things to do as a new administrator in a school

PodcastFront #14 Jerry Szombathy – Directory of Learning Technology, Chinese Int’l School of Hong Kong, China

PodcastFront #13 David Penberg, PhD, HoS Innovate Manhattan, New York City

PodcastFront #12 Tony Deprado, IT Director – YK Pao School, Shanghai, China

Broken_System_by_sicklizard Major flaws in IT hiring process in PreK-12, and how to fix them

owncloud Create your own private DropBox or GoogleDrive with NO MONEY


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